Alumni Success Stories

Read what our Alumni say about their experience as a student at Wellington College and how their education has equipped them for a variety of jobs in the massage field.

Nicole Klassen.jpg

nicole klassen, rmt
class of 2012

Upon graduation, Nicole became a partner of New Leaf Massage Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation in Winnipeg's trendy Osborne Village. "At college, I learned how to market myself as a massage therapist and I've become very comfortable in my own skin," Nicole states. Nicole's recipe for success after graduation actually begins in college.

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Linda Menzies, RMT, CLT/CDT
Class of 2007

Linda Menzies started the Morden Massage Therapy Center in rural Manitoba upon graduation, and her business has grown to employ multiple therapists and other professionals. Faced with having to leave her family of four every day and driving 90-minutes one way between Morden and Winnipeg to study massage therapy, Linda decided to enroll in Wellington's Distance Education program.


Ja-on Hillman, RMT
Class Of 2004

For Ja-On Hillman, every day in private practice is a lesson in compassion and humility. It's a way of looking at business and life that was installed in him by his instructors at Wellington College whose own life and career experience were distinctly focused on helping people. Ja-On lives in Brandon, where he owns Reactive Massage Therapy.