Nicole Klassen

New Leaf Massage Clinic.jpg

Nicole Klassen, RMT
Class of 2012

Three weeks after Nicole Klassen graduated from Wellington College in 2012, she opened New Leaf Massage Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation with a partner in Winnipeg's trendy Osborne Village. It's this type of take-charge attitude that propelled the once shy 'small town girl' through two years of classes and into the workaday world.

"At college I learned how to market myself as a massage therapist and I've become very comfortable in my own skin," Nicole declares. "I learned that you're never going to succeed if you sit in a corner and wait for clients to come to you."

Nicole's recipe for success after graduation actually begins in college where she says students should talk to as many people as possible. "While you're at Wellington College, market yourself, volunteer at as many sports and charity events as you can get to," she states. "The more people you lay your hands on, the more people will talk about you."

Pictured above, is New Leaf Massage Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation in Osborne Village. Nicole has partnered with her 2012 classmate, Ashton Zorn in the ownership of their beautiful facility and they have a special place in their heart for practicum students and new hires of Wellington College. With a focus on rehabilitation and treatment, their trained and licensed team provides both relaxation and remedial massages for the treatment of stress, pathologies and dysfunctions such as muscle-skeletal restrictions.

If you'd like to get in touch with New Leaf, visit their website or their Facebook Page.