Ja-On Hillman


ja-on hillman, rmt
Class of 2004

For Ja-On Hillman, every day in private practice is a lesson in compassion and humility. It's a way of looking at business and life that was instilled in him by his instructors at Wellington College whose own life and career experiences were distinctly focused on helping people.

"The College's heritage of osteopathic manual therapy and the instructional skills of the best massage therapists in Canada is a formidable combination," Ja-On remarks. "Their experience is immense and practical. Reading from a text is one thing, but learning form the masters is infinitely better."

Ja-On graduated from Wellington College in 2004 and is the owner of Reactive Massage Therapy, a multi-disciplinary clinic in Brandon, MB. He says the knowledge he gained and the skills he developed at Wellington College inspired him to pursue osteopathy. To Ja-On, the College's strong scientific focus on anatomy, physiology and assessment ensure quality graduates, but it's caring staff that guarantees successful therapists.

If you'd like to learn more about Reactive Massage Therapy, visit their website at reactivemassage.com, or on their Facebook Page.