Overcoming Anxiety About Starting A Second Career

Overcoming Anxiety About Starting A Second Career

If you’ve been wondering whether there’s more to work than simply completing the tasks assigned, or showing up when scheduled and going home at quitting time, you’re not alone.

A huge percentage of our students come to us from already having spent years in their current career, but feeling unfulfilled.

When you are considering changing your career, there are a lot of things to be cautious of. The biggest fears include losing your money, failing the education, losing your pride, and having to be the beginner all over again after concentrating on building your current career.


These are honest fears. But, are they shouldn’t stop you from getting massage therapy education so that you can become a massage therapist if that is what you want to do! Let’s talk about overcoming the fears that keep you stuck in a career you do not like.

Tips for Overcoming Career Change Anxiety

1.    Avoid Haste Changes

Before making a big leap, wait until you have already gained some perspective on your second career. If you want to become a massage therapist, know what to expect before you quit your current job. Start getting your massage therapy education as a part-time student. Get some hands-on experience with the career you wish to move to before you dive in. (Hint: Wellington College offers Distance Education programs for just this reason!)

2.    Try to Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are your worst enemy. This makes you your own worst enemy. Negative thoughts like, “I don’t think I can do this”, “I don’t think I will ever become a good massage therapist”, “I may lose my current position and end up not succeeding in my second career”, will never do you any good. Instead, focus on using positive thought patterns to avoid the career change anxiety.

Nobod is perfect. You may try and you may need help to get through the course, but you can succeed and you will change your life.

3.    Remind Yourself that You Will Never Be New Forever

New things are usually scary. It is natural to feel anxious when you are about to face something new. Especially, something as big as a career change. One thing you need to always remember is that the newness will pass and you will soon be as experienced as you were in your previous job position. New things always end up turning into familiar things.

4.    Consider the New Career to Be an Adventure

You are anxious because you do not know where the new career will take you. You can eliminate the anxiousness by considering the new career to be an adventure. Be proactive and confident about the new career. Research the prospects of being a massage therapist. To learn the three alarming statistics that prove the massage therapy is on the rise click here. This will help you enjoy the whole adventure.


5.    Take Care of Yourself

When you are planning on changing your career and you are all anxious, you can think that drinking two huge cups of coffee and eating four donuts will eliminate the anxiety. But, it won’t. Such an action will always serve as a reminder that you are feeling anxious about your new job. Instead, focus on activities which will help improve your overall state of mind and also eliminate stress. Maybe a short walk during your lunch hour?

If you are yet to decide which career you would like to take as the second career, we have a suggestion. You can become a massage therapist. This is a career that will open self-employment opportunities. All you need to do is join one of the best massage schools Winnipeg.   

Click here to learn more about Wellington’s history as the first massage therapy school in Manitoba.


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