3 Alarming Statistics that Prove Massage Therapy Is on the Rise [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is no doubting it, stress is on the rise. More people are investing their money in the health retreat industry to get rid of the stress and Massage therapy is right in the middle of this industry.

Chances are, you have been wondering whether to become a massage therapist or choose a different career. No one wishes to invest in a career that doesn’t bring any benefits in the long-run. Not knowing whether the health retreat industry is growing could be the reason you have been holding back on starting your massage therapy education.

In this article, we will show you why investing in one of the best massage schools Winnipeg is worth it.

The Growth of the Massage Therapy Profession

If we want to prove to you that investing in your massage therapy education would be a great move, showing you the statistics would definitely help. So here they are:

According to WHO (World Health Organization), by the time we are in 2020, mental health problems will be the second leading cause of disabilities. These mental health issues include stress. As you probably understand, when you become a massage therapist, one of your responsibilities will be to help your clients get rid of stress.

While most of the other professions will continue to decline, massage therapy won’t. It is estimated that by the time we reach 2020, the employment opportunities for massage therapists will have risen by 20%. What is even better is that when you become a massage therapist, you do not need to be employed by anyone. A large number of massage therapist are currently self-employed. To be exact, over 60% of the people who invested in their massage therapy education are currently working for themselves.

Massage therapy is gaining more recognition. This recognition is coming from institutions which employ people and from the doctors. Employment institutions are including massage therapy as one of the benefits their employees get to enjoy. More and more doctors are discussing massage therapy with their patients. The percentage of doctors who recommended massage therapy rose from 50% back in 2014 to 62% in 2015.

3 Statistics that Prove Massage Therapy is on the Rise.png

Why Will People Continue Investing in Massage Therapy

Your responsibilities when you go to one of the best massage schools Winnipeg and become a massage therapist are the reason your clients will keep coming back. So, how will your massage sessions help them?

  • It will assist in eliminating their muscle soreness.

  • It will improve the quality of their sleep.

  • It will boost their immune system functioning.

  • The massage therapy will aid in increasing their mental alertness.

  • For cancer patients, it will help ease the cancer treatments effects.

  • Massage therapy can help people who suffer from headaches.

  • It can help alleviate the symptoms from stress and depression.

Investing in your massage therapy education is one of the best things you can do especially in a time like this when this profession is growing. If you become a massage therapist, you will have a chance to work for yourself. Massage therapists who work for themselves do enjoy flexibility.



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