How to Choose the Best Massage Therapy School for You

You did it! Congratulations on making the decision to change your life and career and become a massage therapist.

You may not have even opened your first physiology textbook or laid hands on your first client yet, but one of the biggest hurdles to becoming a massage therapist is actually deciding to do it. And here we are!

Our students gear up for Activity Week to welcome them back at the beginning of every year.

Our students gear up for Activity Week to welcome them back at the beginning of every year.

Naturally, your path to becoming a massage therapist has led you here: The crossroads at which you must choose a massage school Winnipeg.

You have a few options out there and it’s important to us that you choose the right school for your unique needs. So let’s talk about what you’ll nee to consider before choosing where you get your massage therapy education.

Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Massage Therapy School

Hours Required to Graduate

Massage therapy is unregulated in Manitoba. This means that any person can set up shop as a massage practitioner and practice massage without any prior training. But while this is possible, it is truly ill-advised.

Though it takes time, Colleges that offer courses around 2000 hours encompass all the necessary techniques and skills needed to provide professional and safe massage therapy, including PHIA best practises, business management and of course a complete knowledge of the muskuloskeletal systems and practical treatment of their ailments, to name but a few areas of importance.

When researching schools, make note of where their hours are spent and what they find important to spend their time on.

Also keep in mind that a lot of your clients will come to you because they are covered by insurance. And most of those insurance companies require that the treating massage therapist carry a diploma of at least 2200 hours.

The Cost

You need to be aware of your financial capability before you enter into a post-secondary educational contract. Whether you withdraw or graduate, you will owe money whether that be to the institution, Canada Student Loans or your third-party lender.

Going into debt is not a fun topic, but one you need to deeply consider. When researching schools, understand all the costs associated with starting your education there. What is their tution, manditory fees, supplies cost, etc. Does the school provide a massage table, linens and lotions or do you need to provide them yourself?

Be wary of schools which try to hide their costs from you. Before joining a massage therapy school, check their website for the costs. If these are not available on the website, call the school management and find out what cost to expect.

Can the Class Schedule Work for You?

Going back to school will definitely involve a lot of adjustment on your part and possibly your family’s. Having a grasp of the schedule you’ll be expected to attend and maintain during study will be important, especially if you need to work or take care of dependants at home.

Does the School Have the Necessary Resources?

A great school should have tutors, free study labs, professional mentoring, and every other resource that you need to study and become a massage therapist. Before enrolling in any school, perform your own background check to see whether all the necessary resources are available.

This is Dale Gran, our lovable Advanced Practical instructor.

This is Dale Gran, our lovable Advanced Practical instructor.


Going to a well-known and respected school does have a lot of benefits. But the perception that a school is respected should be backed-up by your research and communication with some of it’s graduates or current students.

This is something we highly recommend when coming in for a massage at our Student Clinic. Ask our students about Wellington College, what it’s like to study there and whether they’d recommend it.

Choosing a school with a great reputation can have a lot of benefits in itself, including the job prospectus post-graduation. And hopefully, if a school does have a good reputation, it is because the services that it offers are also great!

The School Environment

There are schools which will feel more corporate, some more personable, while others will just feel clinical. Your taste will determine the school that you choose. Take a tour and even ask if you can sit in a single class to see what it is like.



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