How to Rock Your Post-Secondary Application Like a Boss

So, high school is over and you need to move on. It’s time to apply for post-secondary education.

You probably haven’t applied for the post-secondary education before. Don’t worry, we’ve all been in your shoes and in this article, we want to help you put your best foot forward when taking that big step towards adulthood.

Whether you are looking to apply to one of the best massage schools Winnipeg so that you can become a massage therapist in the near future or you would like to focus on something completely different, keep reading; these tips are universal!

Tips for Applying for Post-Secondary Education

1.    Express Yourself

Whether you’re applying to Wellington College or Harvard University, the post-secondary learning institution you aiming to enrol in wants to know who you are.

In your application, you need to ensure that your authentic voice comes through. Avoid Instagram-worthy exaggerations; those will make you look unreal and everyone can see right through that.

How to Rock Your Post-Secondary Application Like a Boss

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to applying to the school of your dreams. Take a moment or two to understand who you are and why you truly want to become what you’re applying for. Then speak from the heart and ensure that the inner self you are exposing is one that you are proud of.

Even if your credentials or experience aren’t all that impressive, your excitement for the journey you’re about to embark on will be.

2.    Show Love for the School

Let’s say you went on two dates. The first date was fun, the person seemed interesting, but they didn’t care a whole lot about your history or the anecdotes you bring up in the conversation. The second date was also fun, the person seemed interesting and they genuinely cared about who you were as a person, listened to your history and even brought up things from your earlier conversations, showing that they truly listened.

Who would you go on a date with again?

In some ways, it’s the same with applying for school. There are a few other massage schools Winnipeg and if you show that you’ve done your research and have made an informed decision based on why that school is the best choice, you’ll blow the admissions team out of the water!

Post-secondary learning institutions want students who want them. Make sure that your interest in the school shows in your application.

3.    Do Not Forget to Clean Up Your Online Act

Oh, social media. You can be our best friend and also a back-stabber.

Today you may be a serious person looking for an institution that can offer you high-quality post-secondary education.

But last week you were taking sassy pictures on the beach and posting them to Facebook.

How to Rock Your Post-Secondary Application Like a Boss

Yes, some admissions teams will comb through social networks while trying to determine whether to let you join their school. Ensure that your online activity is clean before embarking on the applications.

4.    Be Succinct

A good application will ask you to tell about yourself, your experiences and what has led you to decide to become a massage therapist now. And so often those stories can be so close to home that we want to express every last detail about the harrowing experiences that led us to want to help people who had experiences just like us.

But the truth is, that the admissions team only has so much time to read your memoire before making a decision and they may not get to every last word.

A good exercise is to write out everything you want to say, then have an unbiased person revise it to fit within the recommended word count, keeping the important points and leaving out the unneccessary details.

5.    A Second Opinion is Important

There’s nothing like completing the finishing touches on your application after you’ve spent so much time on it getting it right.

At that point it will be so tempting to submit your application as soon as possible and tick it off your to-do list, but STOP! It’s time to get a second opinion.

Ask someone you trust to read over your application, making sure that you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s. Have them double check that you’ve included all the necessary information and filled out every last field.

Once they give you the go-ahead, submit that beast, put up your feet and tune in to Netflix for some much-deserved binge watching of Stranger Things. You’ve earnt it.



How to Rock Your Post-Secondary Application Like a Boss
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