Tuition & Fees

We appreciate the financial sacrifice required to study and are upfront about the costs.



Remedial Massage Year One
Tuition $9,473.20
Materials $1312.09
Compulsory $450.00
TCF $94.73

TOTAL $11330.02

Remedial Massage Year Two
Tuition $9,473.20
Materials $365.03
Compulsory $450.00
TCF $94.73

TOTAL $10,382.96


 PLEASE NOTE: These costs are for the 2018-2019 school year and are subject to a 3% increase for the following year.



Certificate of Relaxation Massage
Tuition $5,504.02
Materials $1312.09
Compulsory $400.00
TCF $55.04

TOTAL $7271.15

 Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy (Year One)
Tuition $4,872.60
Materials $365.03
Compulsory $450.00
TCF $48.73

TOTAL $5,736.36

 Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy (Year Two) 
Tuition $4,872.60
Materials $262.03
Compulsory $10.00
TCF $48.72




This is the actual cost of instruction. Note, the fee reflects a full course load. If you have chosen a reduced course load, the College will adjust the fees to reflect your particular course load. When making a decision about what school to attend, it is important to consider the number of hours in each program. To maximize educational value, compare the number of training hours, not the amount of tuition. As well, when comparing tuition fees, it is important to consider what services are available through the schools at no additional cost.

Materials Fee

This is the cost associated with the purchase of texts, manuals, scrubs, linens and items provided by the College. These items are provided at the start of the program. Please check insert for the most up to date list of materials provided.

Compulsory Fee

This fee reflects registration for a two-day workshop, SRC (Student Representative Council) fees, LCSP international registration fee and international examination fee, student membership in provincial massage associations and malpractice and liability insurance.

Manitoba Training Completion Fund Fee

This provincially administered fund ensures that students enrolled in a private educational facility will be able to complete their training should the school they are attending close.

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