The New Application Process Overview

This is an overview of how the new online application process works from a prospective student's point of view.

How the Online Application Process Works

In this video, you will see where a new applicant goes to apply online and what that process looks like.

Admissions Points of Contact

This video explains in a little more depth what the prospective student will receive from Wellington College in terms of points of contact during their research process.

Application Process Through Formstack

This video tutorial shows you what a prospective student sees when going through the application process and how the admissions team accesses that application from Formstack.

Adding a New Inquiry to RenWeb & Mailchimp

This video tutorial shows you the process of adding a person to RenWeb Inquiries as well as how to send them their Info Book online.

Admissions Section Clean-Up

This video tutorial will show you how to clean up the Online Inquiry section of Admissions in RenWeb.