Sheila Bergman
WC(Hons), RMT

Theoretical Instructor
Outreach Coordinator

One of the College’s longest standing instructors, Sheila is a major part of student life, teaching over 15 theoretical classes to the Full Time and Distance Education students. She believes that learning occurs in an environment which emphasizes a passion for learning. Developing this passion within students brings her to work every single day. She does her best to develop a classroom where thoughts and ideas can be shared and considered by all, to respect each other and help each other become the best of the best in massage therapy. In her opinion, this comradery comes from, “being passionate about what you do, knowing as much about the human body and the human condition as possible and putting that all together to work with your client.”

Her motivation for instructing is to help and develop massage therapists that build on their passion when they’re in school, who want to know more and keep that going long after they’ve graduated. Though Sheila has been instructing for over a decade, she continues do so for one reason – the passion for what she loves, “We talk about compassion all the time in massage therapy, passion is a key component in that word. In a world that gets more disconnected as it becomes connected, the massage therapist has a key role in connection, more so now than ever. I want to continue to be a part of that!”

Sheila is also a loving mother of two boys and a grandmother to a beautiful little girl. She loves movement that includes walking, running, circuit training, skating, hockey, baseball and Zumba. When she’s sitting still she loves to knit. Since turning forty Sheila has made the commitment to try something new every single year. “Success is a lifestyle, not a result.”

Email Sheila at sheila@wellingtoncollege.com