Linda Menzies


linda menzies rmt, clt/cdt
Class of 2007

Aspiring to become a massage therapist but faced with leaving her family of four every day and driving 90-minutes one way between Morden and Winnipeg, Linda Menzies decided to enroll in Wellington College's distance education program. With the support of her husband and kids and the encouragement of the college's instructors, Linda earned her massage therapy diploma in 2007. She has since returned to her studies to become a certified lymphedema therapist and combined decongestive therapist.

Linda operates Morden Massage Therapy Centre, which also houses an aids-for-daily-living store. "Whether it's through a treatment, orthopedic brance, walker or compression stockings, my goal is to help people stay active and independent," she says.

Linda has been active in her community by speaking to groups about lymphedema and its treatment. She started training to be a lymphedema therapist a few years ago when she realized there were many people in her community who were forced to go to Winnipeg to receive treatment, massage and compression garments for their lymphedema. In March 2017, Linda raised $300 for the South Central Cancer Research by giving $5 massages during the Home and Life Show in Morden. She has also been on the board of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba. Her clinic also supports massage therapy students who prefer a rural setting in which to complete their practicum hours.

If you want to learn more about Linda Menzies and the Morden Massage Therapy Centre, go to their website, or visit them on their Facebook Page.