Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.


Administrative Team

Wellington College is widely known for it's superior student support. The Administrative Team is an integral part of that reputation.


Clinic Coordinator
Franny Messina

Admissions Coordinator
Brie Timings

Student Liaison
Angela Kornelson


Outreach Coordinator
Sheila Bergman

Amanda Case

Erin Schofield

Continuing Education Coordinator
Brie Timings 



The Faculty at Wellington College are experts in their industry who pride themselves on adapting their curriculum for those with physical and learning disabilities. 


Practical Department
Dale Gran
Bruno Conicella
Jamie Johnston
Janie Lysack
Franny Messina


Outreach Observers
Barb Cantley
Keely Koch
Michelle Kramer
Kimberly Manousos
Darcie Ward
Chelsea Wardrope


Ethics Committee

Having an integral experience in all aspects of our curriculum, student life, staff experience and alumni resource has always been an important pillar of our foundation. The Ethics Committee was formed to look at issues of a controversial nature from an outside perspective so that all parties can be represented equally.


Carol Dobrinsky

Nicole Klassen

Wayne Baiton