Lisa Tack

Theoretical Instructor
Online Course Development
Distance Education Program Student Liaison

Lisa is a life-long learner and also a graduate of Wellington College, among other educational accomplishments. As a teacher, she believes it is her goal to help learners identify how they learn best. Knowing that learning is a constant endeavor, she believes it is more important to teach someone how to learn rather than what to learn. During her classes, Lisa focuses on helping the student develop learning skills and strategies. She then offers the course content in a variety of formats to allow the students to use the format that best works with their learning style. Lisa considers herself to be a coach or guide as she helps students find individual ways to navigate the course material.

Lisa sees the student as a whole person complete with prior knowledge and experiences, “I encourage the students to make personal connections with new information.” She sees the students with current life demands, challenges and successes and encourages them to find ways to weave learning and studying into their present situation. “It seems as though I learn something new about the students and about myself every day and that is what motivates me to keep teaching year and year. Those lightbulb moments just can’t be beat!”

Lisa is a self-titled “nerd with a triple-A personality!” She loves being outdoors whether it’s for camping, hockey, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or paddle sports. She also loves reading, problem-solving and organizing.

Email Lisa at lisa@wellingtoncollege.com