Leilanie Clayton

Theoretical Instructor
Online Course Development

Leilanie is Wellington’s resident Jack of All Trades. Not only does she teach the Anatomy component of the Full Time program and help in the development of Moodle, but Leilanie is always thinking of fun activities to plan for the students. In the past she has coordinated a surprise activity day, escape rooms and treasure hunts among many other things for the students. She believes that the role of an instructor in the classroom is to demonstrate knowledge and a love for the material being taught. She strives to be approachable and patient with every student and to remember what it was like to learn. Leilanie also tries to create a learning environment that helps the students understand the topics as well as to discover the responsibility of studying, the success in failure and the diversity of their classmates. A classroom can often have a different group atmosphere where conflict can arise, but Leilanie believes it is in those times that an instructor can be a great example of how to address interpersonal conflicts.

“An instructor is also responsible not only to explain class material but to bring forth diverse learning tools and activities.” Leilanie believes that each student’s positive outcome will be achieved in different ways and it is her goal to encourage and motivate their uniqueness and strengths to aid in the progression of their chosen career.

In her time away from the College, Leilanie loves drawing, dancing, gardening and kickboxing. 

Email Leilanie at leilanie@wellingtoncollege.com