Janie Lysack

Practical Massage Instructor

Janie has is no stranger around the College and has taught various subjects for various lengths of time over the years. Today she is one of the Basic Practical instructors as well as the Clinic Management instructor. She looks to bring her 24 years of clinical experience into the classroom and strives to use situations she has observed in her own practice in an effort to build the confidence of her students. Janie recognizes that she is a visual learner and tried to bring in all learning styles so that each student may succeed in her classes. “No matter how many years of experience we may have, we as teachers are constantly learning while we share the passion of our profession.” 

Janie is incredibly positive and looks to encourage staff and students alike whenever she is in the College. She always puts her family first, especially the love of her life, a chocolate lab named Kato! 

Email Janie at janie@wellingtoncollege.com