Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay for the full year's tuition at the beginning of the first year?

Many students do choose to pay the entire course fees upon entering the program. However, many students opt to participate in one of the payment programs the College has established. You will be required to pay an $800 deposit once you receive your Acceptance Letter in the mail after your interview with the Admissions Team. 
Once you have completed Orientation, you will meet again with the Admissions Team to sign your contract. At that point you will be required to either pay for the year in full or the first payment of your payment plan. You will sign a Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement in your Contract and your tuition will be debiting from your bank account on the dates agreed upon between you and the Admissions Team.

Can I access funding?

Several funding agencies have recognized Wellington College’s programs. Many of these funding programs depend on an individual’s financial situation or personal background. In the past, students have received funding from the following agencies: Canada Student Loans, Manitoba Student Loans, Manitoba Metis Federation, Manitoba Band Councils, Employment and Training Manitoba. Other agencies may provide support depending on your particular circumstances. We also encourage students to seek out legitimate scholarships via the Internet. You may also be eligible for funding based on personal interests or your involvement in groups.

Are Student Loans available?

Financial assistance through the federal and provincial student loan programs may be available to those who qualify. If you feel you require a student loan, the College recommends that you apply online. The College Registrar will provide you with any assistance needed in this process. Online applications are found at To avoid the stress of repaying student loans, the College recommends participation in its no-interest payment plan. This form of payment allows the student to move into the work force without the stress of excessive debt. Tuition may be paid in several different formats.

What extra books will I require?

There are no extra books to purchase for the course. All necessary texts, manuals, reference papers and literature are included in your materials. The books and lessons provided by the College remain with you when you graduate and will provide valuable reference material for many years to come. It is important to note, however, that the content of handouts created for students remains the copyright of Wellington College.

Why is Wellington College's tuition higher than some other schools?

Our tuition reflects the quality of education you will receive, the state-of-the-art facility you will learn in and the advanced electronic equipment we provide. As well, the College offers 350 additional hours of instruction compared to other programs, which amounts to 16% more actual training. We also offer a variety of social activities to enhance your learning and provide numerous supports for students, including tutoring, counselling, payment plans and alternative exam formats that may not be provided in other programs.

If I decide not to take the course, will my money be returned?

Yes, if you withdraw before the start of classes, your deposit will be fully refunded. If you already received your materials but have not used them, they will also be fully refunded.