Dale Gran
WC(Hons), RMT

Vice Principal,
Advanced Practical Massage Instructor

"I believe that Instructors impart more by way of example than what they say, and students recognizing when an Instructor does not practice what they preach. There are several values that I try to bestow on students, both by my words and my actions. If I can't get excited about my class, why would the students?" When instructing, Dale's goals are to present the material in a way that catches student’s interests, clarifies difficult concepts, to leadstudents through complex topics, and to put knowledge into context so that its relevance is apparent.  He works to empower his students in the learning environment, "I feel that anyone can do well in their massage therapy training if they are willing to spend the time to understand the material and apply both the knowledge and application they are receiving." Dale is motivated by watching the light bulb turn on in a student's eyes when a seemingly complicated concept becomes understood.

After graduating from Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies with the Abe Reimer Award of Excellence, Dale was invited to pursue instructor training. An instructor at Wellington College since 1997, Dale teaches massage application to advanced full-time and distance education students. For his ongoing dedication to students, Dale received honors from Wellington College in 2000. Dale’s work in Somatics was published in an industry journal and his expertise in applied massage has led him to present at conferences and seminars across Canada. Dale received his Adult Education Certificate from the University of Manitoba in 2008.

In his spare time, Dale has a massive love for heavy metal, movies and playing the drums.
Rock on, Dale!

Email Dale at dgran@wellingtoncollege.com