distance education program

Complete the Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy in two years via Distance Education.


A two-year Distance Education diploma course devoted to the study of massage as a form of treatment for musculoskeletal dysfunctions. The course builds on knowledge acquired in the Basic Remedial Massage course. The additional two-year training is focused on the use of massage for therapeutic purposes. Students attend regularly scheduled seminars onsite at Wellington College in Winnipeg, supplemented by Wellington College's theoretical manuals and online Moodle component. Graduates of this course are allowed to sit for provincial exams, a necessary step in establishing a massage therapy practice. 

Course prerequisites: To enroll in Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy, students must have completed Wellington College's Basic Remedial Massage Therapy course.

Course Prerequisite

To enrol in Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy, students must have completed Wellington College’s Basic Remedial Massage course.

Program Goals & Objectives

This course is devoted to the understanding of remedial massage therapy for treating specific conditions. The focus is on establishing a sound foundation of knowledge about the mechanics and function of the body’s soft tissues. Students examine and evaluate dysfunctions relating to the musculoskeletal system and develop a more in-depth understanding of the topics listed in the previous course.

Job Market

Graduates of this program will have completed full training as therapists and be able to assess and treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions. They will have opportunities to open private practices in remedial massage therapy or work alongside other professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths. It is important to note that many clients of massage are eligible for reimbursement of treatment fees by insurance firms.

Of Wellington College’s annual graduates, 95% find employment in the field of massage.

Program Delivery

The course follows the same format as the Basic Remedial Massage course. Students attend seminars an average four weeks apart and participate in one Internet class per week.


Grading in Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy is based on many components, including assignments, group projects, class participation, unit exams, attendance, mid-year exams and final exams. Marks are accumulated throughout the year according to a formula devised by the College. At the beginning of classes, instructors will provide a breakdown of the evaluation method for every subject.

Theoretical Evaluations

To complete the course, all students must attain a passing mark of 70% in all classes and related topics, and maintain an overall average of 75%.

Practical Evaluations

Students are evaluated four times during each year of the program. Marks are not awarded in practical application classes; instead, students are rated on a scale of one to five. To obtain a pass, students must achieve a rating of three or higher in 75% of the areas evaluated. The scale will be discussed in detail at orientation.

    Time Commitment – Year 1

    Attendance at 11 regularly scheduled three-day seminars, once every four weeks, from August to June, onsite at Wellington College in Winnipeg. Commitments outside of these seminars include:

    • two major exams; January and June
    • completion of clinical component
    • completion of outreach component
    • one evening class per week

    Also required are the following practical components:

    Practical Labs

    Students must complete a number of practical labs in each year. The hours must be documented in a journal and will be authenticated by the College.

    Clinical Application

    Students must attend an authorized clinic for four hours per week for 20 weeks per year. It is recommended that this component be completed between January and June of each year.

    Examination Requirements

    Students are required to complete closed book assignments (CBA) within two weeks following each monthly seminar. The exam format follows that described for the Basic Remedial Massage course. In each year, students will also be required to complete major written exams in January and June. As well, all students are required to complete practical and written exams at the College, outside regularly scheduled seminars, regardless of where they reside. These will occur in January and June.

    Time Commitment – Year 2

    • attendance at 11 regularly scheduled three-day seminars, approximately once every four weeks, from August to June
    • two major exams; January and June
    • completion of clinical requirements
    • completion of outreach requirements
    • one evening class per week

    The Distance Education Program continues to have a strong student life, though the students only meet once each month. There are always potluck suppers on Seminar weekends and study groups in between that continue to grow friendships outside of class.

    Please note that due to the Government of Manitoba International Education Act (2016), Wellington College is not allowed to accept International Students at this time. You must first become a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada to enrol in our programs.