Brianna Blaire

Full Time Program Student Liaison

Brianna has quickly found a love for watching the students succeed. “Without our students we do not have a school. Without a school, we cannot educate and nurture individuals to learn massage therapy.” She wants the students at Wellington College to enjoy their learning environment and to feel relaxed while being cared for as much as possible. She believes that their success is the success of the College.

Brianna’s life has been greatly impacted by the power of massage therapy. Because of this she wakes up each day with an excitement to work in a field that is educating individuals to holistically care for others. She understands that school can be overwhelming at times and loves working in a College with an open door policy. This helps students feel comfortable in approaching the staff for the guidance and support they need, when they need it.

“The best part of my day is when the student who thought they couldn’t pass, passes with flying colours and they come to get a hug or high five!” Brianna loves celebrating and encouraging others, especially the students she sees every day.

Brianna is also a Doula, mother of three and a “proud East Coaster!” She has a deep passion for holistic health care and plans to be a Remedial Massage Therapist in the future. She would love to teach someday, inspiring others in the field as well.

Email Brianna at brianna@wellingtoncollege.com