Brianna Schofield

Admissions Coordinator | Public Relations

Student Liaison

Brianna has a love for watching students succeed. “Without our students we do not have a school! My goal is to select prospective students who have a passion for learning massage therapy and in return, do whatever I can to help them reach their goals” She wants the students at Wellington College to enjoy their learning environment and to feel relaxed while being cared for as much as possible. She believes that their success is the success of the College.

Brianna’s life has been greatly impacted by the power of massage therapy and holistic modalities. Because of this she wakes up each day with an excitement to work in a field that is educating individuals to care that way for others. She understands that school can be overwhelming at times and enjoys working in a College with a dedicated faculty and an open door policy. She is there for the guidance and support enrolled students need, when they need it, whatever it takes.

Brianna is also a Doula, proud Mother and student of Counselling and Therapy Program at University of Manitoba. She has more than 17 years experience working in holistic health care and has a deep passion for balance and well-being. Her door is always open.

Email Brianna at brianna@wellingtoncollege.com