Athletic Therapist VS Massage Therapist: Which One Should You Become?

Choosing a career can be tough. It is even tougher after you have already narrowed down your choices to two similar options.

If you are trying to determine whether to become a massage therapist or an athletic therapist, we will help you try to make your decision in this article. We will focus on exploring the differences and similarities between these two seemingly similar career choices.

Athletic Therapist VS Massage Therapist: Which One Should You Become?

What Does an Athletic Therapist Do?

An athletic therapist is a professional whose major focus is in the prevention, care, and assessment of musculoskeletal disorders which are usually related to athletics.

Some of the responsibilities of an athletic therapy include:

  • Assessing the injury

  • Recognizing and managing neurological dysfunction

  • Providing first aid

  • Utilizing techniques which can help the individual return to participating in athletics safely

  • Preparing the individual for entrance into health care delivery systems which are appropriate

Athletic Therapist VS Massage Therapist: Which One Should You Become?

A certified athletic therapist will focus on utilizing contemporary rehabilitative techniques, physical reconditioning, strapping procedures, and therapeutic modalities to help in promoting optimal healing.

The atheltic therapist will prepare the affected individual for safe re-integration into the active lifestyle.

The biggest take-away from this is that the athletic therapist primarily works with those in the athletic field, or sporty-people for short.

The Work of a Massage Therapist

For someone to become a massage therapist, he or she does not necessarily require to have a deeper knowledge of the human body system as athletic therapists do. However, we will mention that the program at Wellington College is extensive and intensive regarding the systems of the body, especially the musculoskeletal structures.

Still, it’s important to recognize that an athletic therapist is a holder of a degree, taking at least three to four years to complete, whereas the massage therapist will hold a diploma of two years full time or three years distance education.

After completing the massage therapist education, you will be responsible for manipulating soft tissues and muscles in your client’s body to aid in relieving both stress and pain. During your time at massage schools Winnipeg, you will get to learn physiology, anatomy, and different types of massage techniques.

Many of our graduates have entered the sports field, including Steven Lines, current massage therapist to the Edmonton Oilers. Other alumni have had the opportunity to travel with Olympic athletes and other sports teams, accompanying them as part of their medical team.

Wellington College offers the Sports Massage Certification through the Western College of Massage Therapies Inc. every year and is a valid option you should consider if you’re wanting to work in the athletic field.

Athletic Therapist VS Massage Therapist: Which One Should You Become?

Does a Massage Therapist Have Any Benefits Over an Athletic Therapist?

If you become a massage therapist, you will have a lot of flexibility at your disposal. You will often have complete flexibility over your hours and sometimes even location of work.

As a massage therapist, it is common to be self-employed. You’ll be able to decide to work from your home, a spa or even visit the client at his or her home.

You will get to choose the time when you work. You can work during the day, at night, or even during the weekend. It will all depend on when you are available and when the client needs your services.

Since athletic therapists are medical professionals, they are usually required to work in a hospital or clinical setting.

As a massage therapist, you can work with your client for as long as you want. As an athletic therapist, you will work with a client until they heal.



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