New Directors Take College to the Next Level

As I sit this evening and reflect on the past 35 years I am so very proud of what I have accomplished.  Taking Wellington College from one of the smallest professional institutions and one that was not even considered a valued part of the massage therapy field to the leading college in the country is a feat that I am very proud of.  Over that time, I have seen and been involved in many changes to bring the College and the profession to new levels.

As I reflect, I find myself recalling the issues that started the push for me to implement changes that have led us to where we are. Now, once again the College faces new challenges that require changes in how we face the changing world of massage therapy and the demands on its students. I look at these demands and changing times with great excitement feeling that desire to lead the way into meeting those challenges yet again. But I must accept that the youth and drive that I had 35 years ago are not as strong as they once were. This causes me to be reminded of one of my greatest mentors’ statements from those early days, “There will come a time when your priorities will change and you too will need to step away or be the one holding the College back from reaching its full potential.”  I have come to accept that if I want the College to continue to move forward, I must step back and allow those with the energy to take it to the next level.


For this reason, I have decided that I will move into this new stage by focusing my energy on other tasks rather than running the day-to-day operation of the College. I am excited to have the opportunity to act as an advisor and guide for those taking over the College management and I have the greatest faith in these individuals that that they will take it to the next level.

With that, I am excited to formally acknowledge Tricia Neill as the Administrative Director and Lisa Tack as the Academic Dean. Together I know these two have the strengths and skills to move the College forward and maintain our position at the forefront of Massage Therapy Education. After meeting with them and discussing their roles I have given them their first task; to review and evaluate the present operation of the College. The task is to identify areas that need improvement and to develop processes for advancement. This internal audit will assure that we have a solid foundation and structure to face the future and its changing demands.  

New Directors.png

I call upon all of you who have shown me such dedicated support in the past and ask that you continue to carry on that faith with Tricia and Lisa. Be open and vulnerable in your discussions of the College, advise us of areas you see are due for attention and support the new changes, having faith that they will be made with the best intentions.

This change in direction for me personally, is hard. The College is my life’s work and legacy, but it is also for this reason that I want to see it succeed into the future. While I forage a new path in my role it is also an amazing accomplishment to know that I have built an institution that will continue to lead the massage therapy profession, even without my daily guidance.

And so, I trade in 5AM accounting sessions for 5AM fishing trips.

Randy Ellingson  WC(Hon), FLCSP(Phys), M.Ther.