Ease the Passing into the Next Life with Palliative Care Massage

You cannot run from death. It's an inveitability that will eventually succumb, whether it be tomorrow or in a hundred years. It's an event in life that every person will face and yet it is one of the most feared experiences on the planet. While no one can walk you through that ominous doorway into the next life, massage therapists have the unique experience of providing comfort through touch and an encouraging presence at the end of life.

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Brie Timings
14 Guidelines for Hiring Basic Certificate Practitioners [List]

Wellington College has been made aware of an increasing interest in massage therapy clinics to hire students who have completed their first year of training.  This is a scenario that continually comes up each year and so we’d like to clarify several points on our policy regarding this subject. Please note that while we are clarifying the facts surrounding this action, we do not take a position of supporting or not supporting the action. We simply want to make sure that those that do support the action to hire basic relaxation practitioners have as much information as possible when making their decision.

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New Directors Take College to the Next Level

As I reflect, I find myself recalling the issues that started the push for me to implement changes that have led us to where we are. Now, once again the College faces new challenges that require changes in how we face the changing world of massage therapy and the demands on its students. I look at these demands and changing times with great excitement feeling that desire to lead the way into meeting those challenges yet again. But I must accept that the youth and drive that I had 35 years ago are not as strong as they once were.

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