Practicum Information

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Practicum Evaluation Form

The practicum is a three week on the job opportunity to perform massage in a real clinical environment. The goal of this program is to allow students the opportunity to be in a real working environment just as they would be after they graduate. It is our hope that the practicum may lead to job opportunities for many of the students.

As a new therapist entering the field students have ideas and expectations as to what it is like to be a therapist practicing in the field. Some of those expectations may be accurate however; some may be quite different than what students are expecting. The practicum is the opportunity for students to experience first-hand the reality of clinical practice and the day to day running of a clinic. It is also an opportunity for students to bring back any questions or concerns they may be encountering and discuss it with a staff member.

The practicum occurs over a three week period. It is expected that students will be completing 30 hours per week at their practicum location. If a student is not able to achieve the full 30 hours requirement at one location they may spread the requirement over additional location, provided the Practicum locations are aware and agree to that. If a student is planning to go out of province to do their practicum the cost of such would be the responsibility of the student.

The first step in the practicum process is for the student to seriously consider where they would like to perform their practicum. If the student has a location in mind, they should communicate with the owner of the facility and see if they are willing to participate in the project. Here is a list of some of the things that students will need to know.

  1. The College will provide malpractice and liability insurance for the students while they are participating in the practicum.
  2. The College will be requesting that the owner of the facility complete a short evaluation at the completion of the practicum. The evaluation will be provided to the contact through electronic means.
  3. The owner of the Clinic is to be aware that during this time frame the student is still a student and does not hold a final diploma although they have completed all aspects of training. For this reason services provided by the student would not be eligible for insurance reimbursement to clients. For this reason they may wish to charge a lesser fee for services provided by the student.
  4. The student participating is to be considered as if they were an employee with all expectations and demands placed upon them as any new employee would have.
  5. The College expects that many clinics will charge a fee for the massage competed by the student if they so wish. The student can not receive payment for the massage they are performing directly however, the Clinic can provide a scholarship to the College which that particular student would receive at graduation. Please direct the scholarships to Randy Ellingson at Wellington College and please note the students name on the cheque. Cheques can be made payable to Wellington College.
  6. The student will be required to attend a 3 hour class at the college during the practicum. Dates and times to be provided. Students working outside the province will be able to participate in the class by internet.
  7. Students are required to attend the College to complete their final practical exam in the last week of their practicum.Dates and times to be provided.
  8. The owner of the facility is to be aware that it is expected that this opportunity is to expose the student to the reality of being in a clinic
  9. During the course of the practicum a college representative may contact the clinic to assess how things are going and to assure that the operation of the practicum is meeting everyone’s expectations.