Alumni Services Office

The Alumni of Wellington College are its success story. Successful therapists have skilled hands, a caring heart and possess an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. It is only from an in-depth understanding of these subjects that a therapist can appreciate the real effect that massage therapy has on the systems of the body. Knowing that the students of Wellington College graduate with these characteristics, it takes pride in the fact that the instructors and staff are assisting people to become knowledgeable, well-rounded contributers to the field of massage. The Alumni continue to refer prospective students to the Wellington campus, which is the best indicator that its programs are some of the leaders in the industry.

Wellington College's Alumni Services office is responsible for organizing and maintaining effective programs, services, continuing education workshops and events that build commitment toward the College, and for developing and maintaining an engaged network of Alumni that is connected with the College now and in the future.

The objective of the Alumni Services office is to extend the mission of Wellington College to its Alumni, specifically for mentorship, networking, recruitment and continuing education, providing avenues for future and current Alumni to maximize their education.